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MacDonald’s recognizes that transformation is a strategic business imperative and is committed to transformation.

As a result MacDonald’s has developed and implemented a BBEEE plan which continues to monitor and drive the objectives of BBEEE. Progress is being monitored with a dedicated IT System, which is accessible by a BBEEE specialist. The BBEEE specialist continuously advises on the progress made as well as what steps should be taken in order to improve transformation. 

MacDonald’s Transport is currently a Level 5 BEE contributor and Vukapanda Transport Services is currently a Level 3 BEE contributor.

MacDonald’s Group is continuously involved in the upliftment of its local community through the donation of funds to establish amongst other things churches in the local community.

They are also involved with the Touching Africa Development Trust. The Touching Africa Development Trust is a Non-profit organization that functions as a vehicle between funders and needs. Their focus is to make a difference in the community in a sustainable and transparent way.   MacDonald’s has made considerable investment into four projects called STOP (a National TADT Project against human trafficking), Seboni (an Eco-garden and job creation project in Potchefstroom), B.E.E.P (a Black enterprise development program in Potchefstroom) and Thuso (a hunger relieve program in Parys). The beneficiaries of the project are 100% black and historic disadvantage individuals.

Vukapanda has also made a considerable investment to Touching Africa Development Trust into two aids relieve projects calledThabang in Parys and Sizanani in Kwazulu Natal. They have also invested into the Seboni (the Eco-garden and job creation project in Potchefstroom) and Maroelaneng, a school upliftment project in Polekwane.

Vukapanda has furthermore invested in Kgoma Africa, which a 100% black owned company. This investment was made towards the advancement of Kgoma Africa’s 100% black owned EME.  The funds will assist in their business development in B.E.E.P (black enterprise empowering program). B.E.E.P consults and train new black entrepreneurs on how to start a small business. The funds will furthermore assist Kgoma Africa in business expansion, marketing and auditing costs for 2014.

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