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Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

To be the most professional and innovative road transport and logistics solutions provider in South Africa. 

Our Mission

To continuously develop and implement strategies and programs that will ensure:

  • Operational professionalism
  • Optimal utilization of competitive advantages
  • Success in road transport and logistics services

Our Values

Safety and accountability

  • Our first priority as a responsible and accountable company is the safety of our employees, clients.
  • Transported products and general public.
  • Safety is a way of life.


  • Our word is our honor. We strive to maintain the highest moral and ethical standards and always promote honesty, integrity and reliability.


  • We set new standards.
  • We challenge the way things are done in our industry and develop new and innovative ways to address our client’s logistical needs.


  • Our faith in God forms the basis of our Company.
  • We keep our faith in the Lord and trust in Him for guidance in the management, development and future of our Company.
Meet the Team

MacDonald’s has been a major role player in the transport and logistics industry for more than 80 years. Our experience, expertise and resources extend way beyond merely transporting our customer’s goods between various points.

Our fleet comprises a comprehensive range of vehicles, including flat decks, tipper trailers, container trailers, skeleton trailers, tankers, low-beds and dump trucks. With more than 200 vehicles and access to over 3 000 sub-contractor vehicles, we are in a position to address all our customers transport and logistics needs.

We are able to provide our customers with customized road transportation solutions utilizing road transport, warehouses, handling equipment and railway solutions. We offer primary and secondary transport of bulk, break-bulk and general cargo, tanker transport, container transport, tipper transport and express services.  

Our tipper bulk division has become an industry leader due to the quality of service, focus on SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality) and capacity. This division serves predominantly the bulk mineral and agricultural markets, including some of the prominent international mining houses. Routes are mainly through-out South Africa, but also to and from neighbouring countries such as Namibia, Botswana and Mozambique. 

The flat-deck and low-bed division serves various customers in the building, construction, manufacturing, agricultural and general goods sectors. The tanker division is a new addition to the Group and currently mainly operates in the dry-bulk and liquid product sectors.

By utilizing our top of the range fleet management system and satellite navigation we obtain real-time information and visibility on all our vehicles. This means that we are in a position to keep our customers up-to-date with the position and estimated time of arrival of their goods.

A transport and logistics company that is customer focused, has to be in a position to provide a cost effective, quality service to its customers. With our infrastructure, capacity and capability to develop and implement customer focused logistics solutions, we can provide this to our clients.

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